Haylee Mlikota

Haylee Mlikota


Haylee joined Gilvear Planning in 2022. She is a qualified town planner and has previously worked for both State and Local Government in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. With a diverse professional planning background, Haylee has experience in preparing strategic planning documents such as local planning schemes; local planning strategies; development strategies for identified growth areas; plans of management for protected area estate; as well as strategic infrastructure development and investment plans.

She also has experience in both assessing and preparing development applications for a range of development types, while acting in various roles throughout her professional career.

Haylee has a passion for community engagement and maintaining good client relations. Her professional experience has allowed her to work in very remote parts of the country, giving her a greater understanding of some of the challenges faced when co-ordinating and delivering projects in remote communities.

Having never worked in the private sector previously, Haylee is keen to develop her professional CV and continue learning from Gilvear’s experienced Planning team.